Catoosa Homeschool Co-op

is a non-profit organization that was birthed in 2002 as a response to an unction of the Holy Spirit to fill the needs of homeschooling families in the North Georgia and Chattanooga areas. As the first ministry of it's kind CHC lends support, fellowship, and discipleship to parents and children in the homeschooling community. Our vision for the co-op is to reach out and assist the homeschooling families in this area. We want to provide support throughout the year that will enable parents to continue educating their children at home with excellence. We also want to support and assist parents as they raise up disciples of Christ's Kingdom. Lastly, we aim to provide an environment that pursues academic and spiritual excellence for all. Other goals include: providing an opportunity for mothers to have relief, provide accountability for homeschoolers, and reach out to non home schooling families while assisting them in transitioning to home schooling.