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For those that have school age children participating in co-op we offer a nursery for those birth to 3 years old (including those not potty trained) to help with the little ones each week.  Please be sure to include your nursery age child on the registration form and include if he/she will be attending each week or every other week.  Children in this class should come with a bag that includes the following items:  change of clothes, diaper & wipes, sippy cup, lunch and snacks. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS!  Please label all items with your child's name.


Preschool Age (3's & 4's)

For those that have school age children participating in co-op we offer a weekly preschool class for those that are ages 3 and 4.  We also offer this class to those that are 5 but not yet ready for kindergarten.  (We do ask that all children in this age group be potty trained).  Please be sure to include your preschool age child on the registration form and include if he/she will be attending each week or every other week.  This age group really benefits from being in attendance each week as they learn skills that are connected from week to week.  Children in this class should also come with a bag that includes the following items:  change of clothes, sippy cup, lunch and snacks. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS!  Please label all items with your child's name.


K/1st Grade

History - My America and My World History/Geography Reader (Grade 1)  5th Edition (Abeka: publication date 2016)

Give your young students a tour of America that inspires a love for their country! My America and My World from Abeka Book teaches students about America's symbols, history, and places of interest, along with how our country was founded and what our basic freedoms are. They will meet several famous American patriots and learn patriotic songs. Good citizenship is emphasized, and reading skills are developed.


Science - Discovering God's World Science Reader (Grade 1) 4th Edition (Abeka: publication date 2016)

The Abeka grade 1 Discovering God's World science reader covers senses and simple machines, squirrels and sunflowers, seasons and other interesting facts about the world God created! Six units will give students a greater interest in science through reading facts about themselves and the world around them. Hands-on activities and demonstrations are included throughout to help students better understand basic science concepts. The studies of plants, animals, insects, energy, health, the seasons, and the five senses provide an excellent introduction to science, with emphasis on building student interest and augmenting students' reading skills.


2nd Grade

History - Heritage Studies 2 Student Text 3rd edition (Bob Jones Press: publication date 2014) ISBN 9781606824719

Give students an introduction to American history and social studies with this curriculum. Presenting history as "God's redemptive plan" this book covers civics, culture, economics, geography, government, and history. It emphasizes US history from Native Americans to the founding of an independent nation, and looks at colonial life, politics, famous people, early wars and more. Colorful illustrations, charts, maps, and photographs help students visualize the world of colonial America as well as modern-day government and civics. Comprehension questions are integrated throughout the text.


Science - Purposeful Design Level 2 2nd edition (ACSI) ISBN 9781583315279

Teach your child the basic principles of vertebrates/invertebrates, habitats, weather, the ocean, light, energy, heat, the human body, and more. Full-color, write-in pages show large photographs and highlighted key terms that showcase concepts and systems; students make their own booklets by answering questions and completing exercises that are integrated into the explanatory text. A review and a journal entry completes each chapter. Four units (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and the Human Body) with twelve chapters included. 


3rd Grade

History - Heritage Studies 3 Student Text 3rd edition (Bob Jones Press:  publication date 2014) ISBN 9781606824771

Students will learn to sequence events, summarize data, make predictions, identify sources of information, work with graphs and formulate opinions as they discover the different facets of American civics, culture, economics, geography, and history. Heritage Studies 3: Sweet Land of Liberty examines the events from the Constitutional Convention through the Civil War and Westward Expansion. 


Science - Purposeful Design Level 3 2nd edition (ACSI) ISBN 9781583315293

Teach your child the basic principles of ecosystems, plants, matter, electricity, magnets, the earth's surface, the solar system, the nervous & musculoskeletal systems, health, and more. Full-color, write-in pages show large photographs and highlighted key terms that showcase concepts and systems; students make their own booklets by answering questions and completing exercises that are integrated into the explanatory text. A review and a journal entry completes each chapter. 4 units (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, and the Human Body) with 14 chapters included. 


4th/5th Grade - CLASS CLOSED

History - America's Story Volume 1 Student Book (Master Books: publication date 2016) ISBN 9780890519790

America's Story Volume 1 introduces students to the beginnings of our country and connects children to America's past. Students will learn about the Founding Fathers and the events of early colonial America through the Gold Rush. Full-color pages feature archival illustrations, maps, photographs and more. Chapters begin with a spotlight starting point which flows into an engaging, conversational text that explains history as if a story was being told. Chapters also feature questions, a "narration break" narration question, cultural connections, and thoughts to remember at the conclusion.


Science - Christian Kids Explore Chemistry 2nd edition (Bright Ideas Press) ISBN 9781892427229

Give your students a thoroughly Christian introduction to the underlying principles of matter with Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  Lessons focus on the basics of chemistry (including matter, measuring, elements, molecules, and compounds) as well as concepts such as bases and acids, states of matter, biochemistry, and more. Units begin with a short introduction that provides objectives, vocabulary, and materials needed; a coloring page and a unit “wrap-up” multiple-choice assessment are also included. This book features 30 lessons, each designed to take approximately one week. 


Beginner Writing (usually 5th graders/can be 6th graders) - CHC teacher created packet

 6th/7th Grade - CLASS CLOSED

History - All American History Volume 1: The Explorers to the Jacksonians Student Reader (Bright Ideas Press:  publication date 2005) ISBN 9781892427120

All American History teaches history through thematic units that allow students to add in additional information they've learned. With lessons focusing on personable aspects of history: how people lived, what they ate, what games they played, children will gain a comprehensive picture of each time period. With eight lessons each, the units focus on the age of exploration, the period of colonization, revolution, and the period of establishment & expansion. Illustrations, maps, and "impact" bullet points help to emphasize important elements of history and serve as visual reminders, while each chapter examines the atmosphere in which the event occurred, the event itself, and the impact this event had on the future of America.


Science - God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology Student Book (Master Books edition)  ISBN 9781683441250

This textbook contains what was previously three different textbooks.  They include:

Properties of Matter: Learn all about matter—the stuff that makes up the universe God created. Learn how to measure the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and the process of classification. Have fun using the scientific method!

Properties of Ecosystems: Learn about the amazing world that God created as you study 16 different ecosystems and the plants and animals that live and interact in them. You will also learn how God originally created our world good, and why things changed.

Properties of Atoms & Molecules: Explore the tiniest part of God’s creation — atoms and molecules — and learn about their structures and the different ways that atoms bond. Learn about the basics of the periodic table, chemical reactions, and biochemistry.


Middle School Writing 1/2 - CHC teacher created packet

 8th Grade

History (1st semester) - Land of Fair Play 3rd edition (Christian Liberty Press: publication date 2008) ISBN 9781932971385

This text features clear lessons on the duties of citizenship as well as the workings of the government. The theory, machinery and services of national government are explored, as well as the relation between national, state and local governments, elections, and the importance of the Constitution. Yet the primary emphasis remains on providing young adults with the knowledge and skills for them to exercise appropriate and responsible citizenship as a Christian. 


History (2nd semester) - Foundations in Personal Finance Student Text - Middle School Edition for Homeschool (Dave Ramsey) ISBN 9781936948291

This comprehensive, consumable workbook features six units covering saving & budgeting, credit & debt, education & careers, investing & insurance, global economics, marketing & consumerism, and more.


Science - Exploring Creation with General Science 2nd edition (Apologia) ISBN 9781932012866

This text explores topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Hands-on experiments are included throughout, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science! Looking at the world from a creationist position, topics are all presented with an eye towards God's role in everyday life. 


Middle School Writing 3 - CHC teacher created packet





Physical Science:  Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd edition (Apologia) ISBN 9781932012774

In this study of Physical Science, you'll be introduced to the stunning world you live in, as well as the universe around it. From the composition of air to icebergs to astrophysics, you will receive thorough lessons in each element of the physical world.  Topics include the atmosphere; hydrosphere; weather; structure of Earth; environmentalism; physics of motion; Newton's laws; gravity; and astrophysics. 


Biology:  Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd edition (Apologia) ISBN 9781932012545

This is a college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. It also provides a complete survey of the five kingdoms in Creation.   

Chemistry:  Discovering Design with Chemistry (Berean Builders) ISBN 9780996278461

This course includes topics such as the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical change, chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. Concepts are woven together with their mathematical applications to help students learn to think like chemists.

Human Anatomy:  The Human Body:  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 2nd edition (Apologia) ISBN 9781935495727 and The Human Anatomy Coloring Book by Margaret Matt  (Dover Publications) ISBN 9780486241388

Sixteen modules cover human anatomy and physiology, including the skeletal, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems. 



Geography:  North Star Geography (Bright Ideas Press) ISBN 9781892427526

This course covers basic geography skills (maps, navigation) as well as physical geography (topography, biosphere, structure of the earth) and human geography (environmental stewardship, agriculture, culture, heritage & more)- - -all from a Christian perspective.


World History:  Mystery of History Volume 4 (Bright Ideas Press)  ISBN 9781892427304

Covering 1708 to 2014, it begins with Bach and Handel, brings the reader through multiple "wars of independence" as well as many "wars of ideologies" between Marxism, Darwinism, Fascism, and the Cold War. World War I and II bring the reader to more modern day conflicts, including a collapsed Soviet Union, a divided Korea, tension in the Middle East, and an ongoing War on Terror.  However, in addition to studying the violence of this era, the artists, inventors, writers, and humanitarians who contributed toward the "soul" of mankind over the last three centuries are also integrated. A world history text, Mystery of History 4 does cover important events in American history (though it cannot stand alone as an American history course), including the American Revolution, the War Between the States, the War in Vietnam, and the Civil Rights movement.


American History:  United States History Student Text 4th edition (Bob Jones Press)  ISBN 9781606820056

This text covers our nation's history from colonial times up to the present. Focusing on God's providence and America's Christian heritage, the text examines the circumstances which allowed for colonial expansion and development into modern day America. Presented in narrative form, it communicates the events of the U.S from Columbus to the 2000 election in an engaging way.


Government (1st semester):  American Government Coursebook (Steck Vaughn)  ISBN 9780669467956

This coursebook is divided into 6 main units:  Constitution & Foundation of Government, Political Behavior & Participation, Institutions of National Government, Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, Public Policy & Comparative Government, State & Local Government.  The class also utilizes discussion format to tie in current events with what is being studied throughout the semester.


Economics (2nd semester):  Exploring Economics Curriculum Package (includes Exploring Economics text and Making Choices:  Readings in Economics) (Notgrass) ISBN 9781609990947

Economics is relevant everywhere, from political speeches to the daily decisions students make. Give teens the education to understand what's going on in the world around them with this important one-semester high school elective. Emphasizing faith in God and trusting His Word, students will learn how being knowledgeable about economics will help them become a better steward of the money God provides as well as a valuable, informed contributor to the economy on the personal, household, local, national, and international level. Exploring Economics reasserts the importance of the free market system, providing a clear explanation of terms and concepts.


If you are interested in any of the classes below please note that on your registration form.  The additional cost is typically $140-150 per semester for an individual class.  Please realize that these are serious courses intended to be taken by serious minded students.  We highly encourage parents to oversee their children to ensure that work is being completed.


Algebra 1 - Algebra 1 Student Kit (Math U See)

Algebra 2 - Algebra 2 Student Kit (Math U See)

Geometry - Geometry Student Kit (Math U See)

Consumer Math/Everyday Math - Consumer Mathematics in Christian Perspective (Abeka)

Bring mathematics down to earth---and show how abstract financial concepts relate to our everyday lives! Covering topics including budgeting, banking, investing, keeping tax records, and purchasing daily necessities, this elective includes sample problems, charts, graphs, and clarifying illustrations. Practical and faith-friendly, it portrays the American free-enterprise system in a positive light. 




Personal Finance (1st semester only) - Foundations in Personal Finance Student Text High School Edition for Homeschool (Dave Ramsey)  ISBN 9781936948192

This course is a complete, dynamic, high school curriculum that teaches students about saving, investing, credit, debt, money management, and more from a biblical perspective.


Biblical Worldview (2nd semester only) - Thinking Like a Christian Student Journal (Summit Ministries)  ISBN 9780805438963

How do you live as a Christian in an increasingly secular, public environment? This course delves into the complex world of Christian apologetics and critical thinking with an easy to understand text and engaging manner. Learn why a Bible-based worldview makes sense, and the flaws and false assumptions within secular humanism, marxism and other worldly viewpoints; finally receive an explanation of how exactly a Christian worldview works in fields such as law, sociology, ethics, politics and other influential spheres.


Health (full year course - Friday only 1/2 credit) - Health in Christian Perspective (Abeka) 

Encourage teens to make health and wellness a priority! This practical resource addresses nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, mental health, safety, first aid, disease prevention, drug abuse, spiritual growth, and more. Includes an atlas of the body systems---digestive, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory---and study questions for comprehension, application, and review.


Physical Education (full year course - Wednesday only 1/2 credit) - No text required

Students will get active in this class each week and have additional work to do at home in order to fulfill all the requirements.


**Students may choose to take only PE for a 1/2 credit, only Health for a 1/2 credit, or both PE and Health.**