Calendar of Co-op Classes

2019-2020 School Year

Friday, August 23rd - First Day of Classes

Wednesday, November 27th & Friday, November 29th - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 5th - History Fair (evening event)

Friday, December 13th - Last Day of First Semester

Friday, January 10th - First Day Back for Second Semester

Wednesday, April 1st & Friday, April 3rd - Spring Break

Thursday, April 16th - Science Fair

Friday, May 1st - Last Day of Classes

Wednesday, May 6th and Friday, May 9th - Weather Make Up Days, if needed

School Closings:  We will typically follow Catoosa County for school closings due to weather (snow, extreme storms, icy conditions, or severe cold temperatures).  This is always communicated via text, email and Facebook as soon as final determination is made.

School Delays or Early Closing:  There are instances where Catoosa County will delay the start of school in order to not lose a day, but also make sure that all students are transported safely.  This is a more difficult decision for us to make and a slightly more confusing one.  This will be communicated via text, email, and Facebook once a determination is made, too.

Co-op begins an hour behind Catoosa County already, so we will only delay with them if it is longer than a one hour delay.  And that delay will be decreased by an hour for us.  So, if Catoosa is delayed for 2 hours then our delay will only be 1 hour.

In addition, there may be times that Catoosa County decides to close early to make sure that students arrive home safely before bad weather arrives.  We will follow suit and close early with them.  Usually when they close early it is with a specific time, so we will follow that specific time.  In times past we have contacted parents to ensure that everyone is on their way.